Rita review

Rita review

Gymnastics Work out with Hot doll Rita

A silent university pupil daily, Rita is a crazy cosplay woman by night. When she can get the time, she enjoys only enjoying dress-up, wearing the skimpiest and hottest outfits she can locate. She loves to pose for photographs also, but she’s yet to get the perfect man to take items to another level. Yes, that is right she is searching for a lover.

Rita’s girl-next-door looks make her popular woman in University with men chasing her asking her out each day of this week. With her delicate, snow-white epidermis and sexy eyes, so you can see why, however she does not need to date boys. This 20-year-old genuine doll needs a true man. One who’ll make her feel like a true girl.

A routine on the college gymnastics group, Rita is as healthy as they come and as you can imagine she is incredibly elastic. So that mad position you have always wanted to test will not be a trouble with this hot young girl . Her dimensions of 24″ 20″ 32″ are nothing short of flawless and her full curves signifies she has superbly soft E-Cup breasts which are a lot more than a few.

Are you prepared to play dress-up with this cosplay ring?

In regards to love dolls, then there is no doubt that silicone is far and away the very life-like substance which provides a remarkably realistic sense.
But there is 1 thing missing: Body warmth .

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could sense that your doll becoming hotter from the throes of passion?
Well, as a result of our new inner heating system, that is precisely the feeling you will receive.

Our new selection of dolls permit you to control their own body temperature so that you may sense their temperature increasing as things heat up at the sack.
Producing heat from their heads and breasts, so these dolls provide you with the sensation of heat that could only be compared to that of a buff.
We’ve added a solid feature so that you can listen to your doll moan with joy as she tells you that you are doing everything just perfect.
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